Apple TV+: How to Choose Specific Episode

When using the Apple TV+ channel, I couldn’t figure out how to choose a specific individual episode of a series. Every time I selected the show I wanted to watch; it would just start from the point I left off. I eventually managed to figure it out. So, if you are just as confused about how to choose a single episode as I was, this is the post for you.

Select Individual Episodes in Apple TV+

These steps work on most streaming hardware:

  1. Open the Apple TV+ channel.
  2. Highlight the show you wish to watch.
  3. Press and hold the “OK” or “Select” button until a menu appears.
  4. Select “View Details“.
  5. Select the episode you wish to watch.

Change Episode While Playing

Roku & Fire TV

  1. Press the “Back” ⬅️ button on the remote.
  2. Select “More Info“.
  3. Select the episode you wish to watch.

Apple TV

  • Swipe downward on the pad while you are watching a video, then select More Episodes.


I hope this post has helped you figure out how to select and individual episode in the Apple TV+ app. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop me one below.

11 thoughts on “Apple TV+: How to Choose Specific Episode”

  1. Thank you so much! I don’t understand why Apple+ makes it so difficult. They have some great shows, but I couldn’t figure out how to re-watch episodes. This worked!

    • It doesn’t work for me. I was watching episodes and fell asleep and woke at epidode 3 starting. So I wanted to go back to episode 2. I clicked back on the homepage of AppleTV, scrolled around till I found the show, and clicked on the three dots and selected View Details. But only the one epsiode 3 where I left off is showing. What the what

  2. Like Jennifer, I also wanted to go back to a previous episode. I went to the homepage of AppleTV, scrolled to the show, clicked on the three dots and selected View Details. But only it only permits watching the series where I left off. I’m watching on a pc, so can’t swipe – just mouse. Can’t use a tablet due to my disability – I can move my hands just enough to use a mouse. Touch-screen isn’t a option for me.

  3. Apple really needs to fix this. The other problem is that you can’t just stop an episode or movie in the middle and have it go back to where you left off. You ALWAYS have to start at the beginning, although you can fast forward it (or slow forward it) to where you think you left off. Apple has great shows, but their technology is surprisingly awful! I don’t think there’s a single streaming app, fee or free, that has these two issues.

    • Janet I agree whole heartedly agree, you would think that Apple would fix this without a moments notice unless the whole app is bad from the get go. I can do this on all other streaming services but not Apple.

  4. I have tried these instructions but they don’t work for me. I highlight the show I want to watch and it starts where I left off. I try again, holding the selection but what comes up is the options to share, go to next or mark episode as watched. It seems to work on shows I haven’t started watching yet, but not on what I’m in the middle of.
    Very frustrating. Is there another way to get this info?

  5. I agree. Apple are idiots with their Web version!!! I guess they assume everyone has apple devices for apple services.
    Anyway… A work around, which shouldn’t be required is….
    Search for the series you are watching, then when clicking on the show, it shows you the series episode list.

    • I recently got Apple TV+ and now find the issues mentioned above.
      There are two members in my household and turns out the series I am interested in watching is only showing the last 3 episodes available for me to watch.

      I am also using a web browser (one a windows PC).

      I am not pleased. I can not believe that Apple streaming is such a waste with the way it has been deployed. I do not have any Apple devices.

      Supposedly there is a beta Apple TV+ App for Windows. Maybe that will offer more viewing options.

  6. I have the same problem. I’m watching on a Macbook Pro. I don’t have “OK” or “select” buttons. There doesn’t seem to be any way to re watch an episode that’s already been watched. Very frustrating.

  7. I watch on a desktop PC and I too was afflicted with this amateur bit of trivial coding. I wanted the restart Season Two of Slow Horses, and of course you can’t do that.
    Here is what worked for me. I exited the AppleTV app. Fired up my browser and googled “appletv slow horses season two episode one”.


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