Best Wireless Keyboards for Fire TV

If you’re like me, you like to use a wireless keyboard with the Amazon Fire TV for quicker searching. It’s difficult to find the right keyboard for the living room though. You don’t want one that takes up too much room or is to heavy to handle while eating nachos. I have researched and used many keyboards with my Fire TV, and these are the best ones I could find.

Note: If you want to use a wireless keyboard that utilizes a USB wireless receiver with a Firestick, you can learn how to connect one in our How to Connect Keyboard to Firestick post.

Rii mini i8

This tiny keyboard fits perfectly in your hands for typing with your thumbs. The directional pad and media (Play, Pause, etc) keys work with the Fire TV just as the standard remote control would. The trackpad is definitely a plus if you do any web browsing in the Silk browser.

The best feature I like about this keyboard is the illumination feature that lights up the keys for optimal use in low-light situations.

The Rii mini i8 is also one of the lower-priced keyboard options you’ll find.

Some cons about this option is that it gets lost easily, and you really have to push firmly on some of the keys for them to work properly. The internal lithium-ion battery provides a charge that lasts for months, but it can sometimes be frustrating when the battery is drained and you have to wait for it to charge.

Logitech K400 Plus

Logitech K400

This keyboard is a bit of a classic option, as it has been the keyboard avid Fire TV users have commonly been using for years. The K400 weighs in at 0.86 lbs and measures 13.95 x 5.5 x 0.93 inches, but it is very thin and lightweight, and smaller than a standard computer keyboard. This is the option if you’d like a bigger keyboard you can sit across your lap and type using all fingers. If you have a child, this is a great option as your child might be more familiar with this type of keyboard rather than a smaller option.

As with other options, the touchpad is nice for web browsing, but is not compatible with anything outside of a web browser.

Batteries tend to last several months with normal use, and are replaceable AAA type batteries. A positive if you dislike using non-replaceable internal batteries that are common with other media keyboards.

The only con is that it obviously takes up some space when storing in your living room. But you’ll certainly always be able to find it.

Logitech K830

Logitech K830

The K830 is a premium version of the K400. This version is a bit bigger at 15.1 inches wide and 1.65 inches thin. It’s also a bit heavier at 1.09lbs. But it provides a qualify feel along with an illuminated keyboard that is perfect for the living room. Instead of using a proprietary receiver, you can connect the K830 to your device via a direct Bluetooth connection. No USB receiver needed. It also has a non-removable, internal rechargeable battery.

The K830 is a bit on the more expensive end of media keyboards. But if you value the extra features, it’s probably the most high-end keyboard you can purchase at this price point.

I hope this post has helped you find the living room keyboard you have always wanted. Have anything to share about keyboard and the Amazon Fire TV? Please share in the comments section.

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  1. Thanks, Mitch, for including a fabulous range of wireless keyboards for Fire TV. I loved Logitech K830 the most.


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