Firestick 4K Doesn’t Detect USB Drive

The 3rd generation Amazon Firestick and Firestick Lite will recognize a USB drive when connected with an OTG cable and allow you to move apps to it. But does the Firestick 4K work the same way? The answer is a bit hairy. In this post we will cover why your Firestick 4K doesn’t detect a USB drive.

Since previous Firestick models allowed the movement of apps to a USB drive. The Firestick 4K should be the same right?

Can You Move Apps to a USB Drive Using Firestick 4K


If you connect a USB drive to the Firestick 4K, the FireOS will not detect the drive. You will notice this if you go to Settings > Device & Software > Storage, it will not display the external USB drive. Amazon appears to have locked things down and disallowed this feature on the 4K models. The command to move files to a USB drive is nowhere in the Firestick 4K software.

Can You Manage Files from a USB Drive Using Firestick 4K?


You can connect a USB drive to the Firestick 4K and it will be detected in most file management apps like ES File Explorer and Downloader. You can use those types of apps to view and play video files and install APK app files from the USB Drive.

I hope this post has cleared up any confusion when it comes to whether or not the Firestick 4K works with a USB drive. If you still have questions, leave one for me in the comments section below.

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