How to Fix Firestick Stuck on “Optimizing system storage and applications”

A common problem for Amazon Firestick users is that it gets stuck at a screen that says, “Optimizing system storage and applications.” In some cases, the message never goes away and gets stuck in a loop even when rebooting. We’ll cover some troubleshooting steps you can take to fix it in this guide.

Try a Soft Reset

If the message has been on your screen for longer than 10 minutes, you may want to try simply restarting the Firestick. You can do this by pressing and holding the “Select” and “Play/Pause” button simultaneously for about 15 seconds, or by simply unplugging then re-plugging the power cable on the Firestick.

Fire TV Remote Reset Buttons

Use Wall Outlet

I know this may seem odd, but if you experience the “Optimizing” message multiple times, the problem might be caused by the Firestick not getting enough power. Most likely, you are using the USB port on your TV to supply power your Firestick.

Even though you may have previously been able to use your Firestick in this fashion, you can still run into problems. The USB port on your TV just isn’t supplying the power needed.

To avoid this problem, plug the Fire TV directly into a wall outlet using a power block. Also be sure that you are using a power block that will send enough power to the device.

All generations of the Firestick utilize these specs for the power supply: 5.25V, 1A, 5W

Firestick Power Adapter

Most laptop power adapter blocks send enough power and can safely be used with your Firestick.

If you are sure you are using a power block that is working and compatible and still experience problems, try replacing the micro USB cable that goes from the power block to the Firestick

Factory Reset Using Remote Buttons

If a soft reset and power isn’t the issue, your best bet is a factory reset. A factory reset will clear all data from the device and put it in the state it was from the factory. Since you can’t access the menus, you’ll have to use the remote button method.

Press and hold “Right” ◑ on the directional pad and “Back” ⮌ together for 15 seconds, or until you see a message appear that says, “Reset to Factory Defaults“.

Firestick Factory Reset Buttons

Once the message appears, press “Left” on the directional pad and select “OK“, or just let the time tick and the system will automatically reset.

The factory reset can take a while, so be patient. Hopefully at completion you’ll be able to use your Firestick again.

I hope this post has helped you solve the problem where you Firestick keeps optimizing. Let me know if you need additional help in the comments.

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