Firestick Stuck at “Downloading Latest Software”

There is a common problem for Amazon Firestick owners where the device gets stuck on a screen that says “Downloading Latest Software” and doesn’t go forward from that screen. I’ve experienced this problem several times. In this post, we’ll cover what you can do to fix this problem if it happens to you so that you can get to enjoying all your Firestick has to offer.

First thing, of course, make sure you have waited long enough for the system to download and update the Firestick software. I would wait about 15 minutes to see if the download completes and allows you to move on with your life.

If you have waited more than 15 minutes and you’re still stuck at the “Downloading Latest Software” screen, do the following.

Press and hold the Back and Menu buttons simultaneously until the screen exits.

Firestick Exit Software Download Screen

You may worry that this may brick your Firestick, but I’ve seen this work several times. But don’t worry. This trick works every time!

I hope this post has helped you solve the problem where the Firestick is stuck updating the software.

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