Firestick Stuck at “Unable to update your Fire TV Stick”

Users of the Amazon Firestick device may sometimes find themselves stuck on a screen that says “Unable to update your Fire TV Stick” with no way to get out of it. Try these steps to get you back up and enjoying your Fire TV device.

Fix 1: Jump to Voiceview

Sometimes you can get out of the update screen by pressing and holding both the “BackFire TV Remote Back Button and “MenuFire TV Menu Button buttons simultaneously. This will put you on the Voiceview screen, and hopefully be your path to getting back to the Home screen where you can actually use your Fire TV.

Fix 2: Factory Reset Using Buttons

Press and hold both the “BackFire TV Remote Back Button button and Fire TV RightRight” on the circle pad on the remote until a screen appears that says “Reset to Factory Defaults”. After the timer ticks down on this screen, the Fire TV will automatically factory reset. Hopefully once the reset is completed, you will be able to use your Fire TV again.

If you have tried the above steps and still find that your Fire TV is stuck at the update screen, it’s time to consider how you purchased your Fire TV. Being stuck at this screen can mean that your Fire TV device has been reported as stolen. You may want to contact Amazon Support to check to see if it has been reported, or return the Fire TV to the store.

I hope that the fixes above have helped you figure out how to get out of the “Unable to update your Fire TV Stick” screen and you are now happily enjoying your streaming apps. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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