10 of the Best Free Roku Channels

There are many free channels available for use on the Roku. There’s even a category in the Roku Store for free channels. But which ones are the best? Which ones are really worth the time spent installing them? We’ll cover the best free Roku channels available in this post.

The Roku Channel

Crackle UI

Your Roku device likely came with this channel installed. The Roku Channel has a section of content that is completely free. Much of the content has been older TV shows and movies. Roku regularly adds content to this channel like Quibi and AMC+ shows. Many more shows and movies are expected to be added as Roku competes with the free channels offered by Amazon’s Fire TV.

For the best experience, I recommend using the Roku Mobile App to flip through content.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV Interface

Over 250 live channel options, and thousands of on demand movies and shows. I found much of the content entertaining from a nostalgic point of view since the options were common shows I’ve seen many times. Shows like MST3K, Dawson’s Creek, and 90210 are common. This option is probably the most easy to navigate in this list.


Crackle UI

Crackle is owned by Sony. As you would expect, there are many Sony titles you won’t find on other services. Ads will often interrupt your viewing, but if you create a free Crackle account, you’ll see less ads.



Many Roku users think IMDb TV is like the IMDb website and used for searching movies and actors. But it actually has a ton of movies and shows available to watch for free.


Xumo Interface

This option is much like the other options as it offers a lot of aged content. It also has a Live TV option. What sets this channel apart though is the popular content from around the web like JukinVideo, FailArmy and Funny or Die. A common complaint about Xumo is that it has too many ads that repeat.


Vudu User Interface

Vudu was started by WalMart and was later acquired by NBCUniversal. Obviously, the service has quite the selection of NBCU content available for free with ads. The channel also has options to buy or rent movies and shows.


Stirr Interface

Stirr has a selection of entertainment from the 80s and 90s such as old dramas and game shows. What makes this free channel a favorite is Comet, an excellent sci-fi channel. Stirr is run by Sinclair Broadcasting and naturally supplies content from the TV channels Sinclair owns. The app is a bit confusing to navigate, and sometimes will freeze during ads. But when it works, it’s a solid option.


Tubi Interface

Tubi has a great selection of new and old movies and shows. If you’re a fan of horror flicks, this channel will satisfy with horror movies from the classics to campy B movies. Everything is free as long as you watch a ton of ads.

Bee TV


You won’t find Angelina Jolie on this network. Influential indie content is what’s offered on Bee TV. Check out Bee TV Inspire, BeeFreeMeTV Teens, ThatAGirl TV, Splash’m Millennials and Influential TV for content from indie creators. There isn’t much content to choose from on Bee TV, but it’s content you likely haven’t seen anywhere else, which makes this a very attractive free Roku channel.


Popcornflix UI

Popcornflix offers a few B movies you might be familiar with. It also has ads. Lots of em! The movies break about every 12 minutes and you will see 4 to 5 ads. This free Roku channel is our least favorite. But you might find a movie on the service that you just have got to watch for free.

I hope this list of free Roku channels has provided you with the entertainment you need. Do you know of other free Roku channels that should be on this list? Please share them in the Comments section.

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