How to Fix a Firestick That Keeps Restarting

I think every Amazon Firestick user has experienced a problem where the Firestick keeps restarting itself over and over again. It’s a very common problem with the device. There are several common reasons why a Firestick keeps rebooting on its own. I will cover them in this post and hopefully help get your device back to working normal again.

Use Proper Power Block

Be sure you are using the power block that was supplied with your Firestick. Using a USB port for power doesn’t always supply enough juice. You can usually tell that lack of power is causing your reboot problem when it does so when it starts rendering graphics on the home screen.

Use the standard Amazon power block with specs of 5.25V, 1A, 5W, even if another power block or the USB port has worked before. There are updates and changes made to the FireTV OS all the time that may require more power, hence causing a new problem with random restarts.

If you have tried multiple power blocks and you still experience problems, try replacing the power cable.

Keep Firestick Cool

Things can get pretty hot if the Firestick is working hard while surrounded by other electronics emitting heat. When the processor inside the Firestick gets too warm, it shuts off, often resulting in a system restart.

Move electronic accessories and any other warm electronics away from your Firestick. Consider using the HDMI extender cable to position the Firestick away from your warm TV and any other devices that emit heat.

Start in Safe Mode

Perhaps you made changes to your Firestick that makes it fail and keep rebooting. This is common for folks who like to modify the software of the Firestick with their own launchers and apps. When something goes wrong, the result is often getting the device stuck in a bootloop.

If you have changed something with the apps or settings on your Firestick and need to get back in, try starting the Firestick in Safe mode. You will need a OTG cable and keyboard to do this. Follow our guide Fire TV / Firestick: How to Start in Safe Mode for more details.

Reseat Cables

Unplug the Firestick from its power source and the HDMI port for 20 seconds, then plug it back in. This will reset the hardware, and hopefully be a quick solution to get your Firestick working again.

You may also want to check to make sure there is no debris on the cable connectors that may cause problems.

Check the Remote

Sometimes low batteries in the Firestick remote can cause the device to restart constantly. Be sure the remote has fresh batteries. Check for other remote controls used around the device that might have low batteries and replace them as well.

Also ensure liquid hasn’t been spilled into the remote and there are no buttons stuck on the remote, as that can cause problems as well.

Factory Reset

If you have tried replacing the power block and cable, but still have problems, a factory reset might help.

Try pressing and holding both the “BackFire TV Remote Back Button and “RightFire TV Remote Right  on the Direction Pad simultaneously for 15 seconds. This can be difficult to pull off if the Firestick keeps restarting, but see if holding these buttons down will let you get to the Factory Reset option.

Replace Hardware

If the above steps haven’t helped you, you’re at a point where you should probably seek a hardware replacement. If you have recently purchased the Firestick, return it to the store. Otherwise, you can go to Amazon for a warranty repair if the Firestick is less than a year old.

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