How to Setup ADB on Windows

Using ADB with your Android device unlocks and incredible amount of power as you can send commands to your Android device that you can’t otherwise send. Use this guide to learn how to setup ADB on Windows.

  1. Download the SDK platform tools here (You don’t have to download the entire Android SDK).
  2. Open the zip file and extract it to a folder on your computer. I created a folder called Android on my C drive and extracted there.
    Extract SDK Tools
  3. Select Start, type cmd, then press Enter to bring up the Windows command prompt.
  4. You will arrive at a prompt to the home folder. Type the following then press Enter to get to the root directory:
    cd \
    CMD to root
  5. Now you can navigate to the folder where the platform tools were extracted. Since we put it in the C:\Android folder, we can type the following then press Enter:
    cd android
    CMD CD to Android Directory
  6. From there we can now connect to an Android device, such as my Firestick like this:
    adb connect(ip address to device)
    ADB Connect command
  7. Once connected, we can issue commands to the device. Like adb reboot to restart the device.
    ADB reboot command

I hope this guide has helped you get connected to your Fire TV using ADB successfully. I’m here to help! So, if you have any lingering questions or comments, please drop one below.

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