Use Toshiba/Insignia Fire TV Without Remote

You just want to sit down and watch some TV on your Toshiba or Insignia Fire TV, but you can’t find the remote. Perhaps the remote is broken. What can you do? Is there a way to use the Insignia Fire TV without the remote? We have some possible solutions for you.

Option 1 – Use Fire TV App

Use the Fire TV app from your phone or tablet to control your Insignia Fire TV. The app is free and available for download to your Kindle Fire, Apple, or Android device. Just power on the TV using the square button on the lower back side of the TV, ensure your phone or tablet is on the same wireless network as your TV, and take control from within the app.

Option 2 – Use a Universal Remote

Do you have a universal remote somewhere in your home? If you do, it will likely work with your Insignia Fire TV. Just follow the remote manufacturer instructions to program it for an Insignia TV. You can find a list of codes here. You can probably search the web for instructions on how to program your remote if you need to.

Some Fire TV features may not be compatible with your particular universal remote, but it should provide enough functionality to get you through until you finally find the lost remote or obtain a replacement.

Option 3 – Use a USB Keyboard

That’s right! Your Insignia Fire TV is powered by Android. So that means a keyboard will work with it. Almost any USB keyboard is compatible. Even wireless models will work. Just plug the keyboard into an available USB port on your TV, power it on, and you should be able to navigate using the Enter and arrow keys. A keyboard with media controls works best.

I hope that one of these 3 solutions have provided you a good way to control your Toshiba or Insignia Fire TV without the remote. Have a question still? Ask away in the comments section below.

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