Hulu Stuck in Wrong Time Zone – Fix

Many users of Hulu may experience a problem where the app is stuck in the wrong time zone. This problem causes the Hulu Live program guide to display the wrong program listings.

There are several reasons why Hulu is stuck with the wrong time or time zone. In this post we’ll cover the common causes to this problem as well as fixes to the problem.

1. Ensure VPN is Not Used

VPN software will often route your Internet connection through a different time zone. This can throw Hulu and your TV off.

If you’re a user of VPN software, ensure there is no VPN currently enabled on your streaming device or networking hardware. If you must use a VPN, check to see if you can connect to an IP address in the same time zone you would like to use with Hulu.

2. Reset Your TV

If you’re using a Hulu app built into a smart TV, you may have to reset the TV. Resetting the TV will often cause the TV to grab the proper time and time zone. This will then set the time used by Hulu.

Most TV models can be reset by pressing and holding the Power button on the TV for 40 seconds.

3. Set the Time and Time Zone on Your Streaming Device

Hulu bases the time zone it uses on the time zone set on your streaming hardware. Ensure your streaming device you are using (Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV) is set with the proper time and time zone setting.

If you’re using a smart TV like a Vizio or Samsung TV, you may have to set the proper time and time zone on your TV. Check the manual for your particular TV to see how to change the time settings.

These posts may help you set the proper time on your Roku, Fire TV, or Vizio TV:

Hopefully, the suggestions above have you off and enjoying Hulu content in the correct time zone.

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  1. Hi,
    The time zone on my Vizio Smartcast tv is correct, but the Hulu live guide is stuck one hour behind. I have been on the phone for over 2 hrs with Hulu and they can’t figure it out. My other Vizio Smartcast is fine, as is when i stream from my laptop. Any ideas?


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