Roku: How to Rate a Channel

When browsing the streaming channels for the Roku, you may have noticed that there is a star rating for each channel. How do you leave your own rating for a channel though? I will cover how to rate a Roku channel in this post.

  1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote to get to the Home screen.
  2. Use the arrows on the remote to highlight the channel you wish to rate. Don’t press OK to open the channel. Just highlight it.
  3. Press * on the remote to bring up the channel options screen.
  4. Use up and down on the arrow pad to highlight “My rating“.
  5. With “My rating” highlighted, use left and right on the arrow bad to change the rating. You can set your rating to 1 to 5 stars. Select “OK” to save your rating.
    Roku Set Channel Rating
  6. Select “Done” when you’re ready to exit the screen.

You can use these steps to set a channel rating on TCL Roku models, Roku Streaming Stick, and Roku box models.

2 thoughts on “Roku: How to Rate a Channel”

  1. My roku tv is just fine. Channels I have paid for and subscribed to work just fine. My only issue is with the Roku channel itself. No matter what I watch the volumn is the whole issue with the Roku channel’s lineup. The program volumn is so low that you have to turn the tv volumn all the way up to hear it just two feet from the tv. Yet when it goes to an advertisement the neighbors can hear it just fine all the way in their home. Not sure I care to invest in another roku tv when they could care less about fixing their service. It was bad when I bought my first tv 3 years ago and now it is absolutely horrible.

  2. I know that I’m part of the more senior generation and I love watching many of the shows from the late 50s and early 60s. What is really disturbing are the awful commercials for shows produced by Roku. Nothing but killing sex all kind of despicable actions. The shame of it that one has to sit through and watch that stuff and then go back to leave it to Beaver and try to leave those lousy images behind. More disturbing is that this stuff that is what our current generation wants to watch. What happen to peace, love and kindness?


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