Roku: Turn Off Narration in Disney Plus

Roku users who watch Disney+ have been having problems with the app where they cannot turn off the audio guide narration voice. This is a problem where a voice describes everything on the screen that is happening. The feature is normally used for the vision impaired, but some users who don’t need it struggle to disable it.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a couple of solutions that seem to work. Give these fixes a try.

Fix 1 – Change Audio Track

  1. Start playing a video in Disney+ as you normally would.
  2. Press the * (asterisk) button on the remote.
  3. Change the “Audio Track” setting to an option that doesn’t include “Audio Description“.

Fix 2 – Disable Volume Mode

  1. Start playing a video as you normally would.
  2. Press the * (asterisk) button on the remote.
  3. Change the “Volume Mode” setting to “Disabled“.

Fix 3 – Change Roku Audio Setting

  1. Press the Home button on the remote to get to the Home page of the Roku.
  2. Select “Settings” on the left menu pane.
  3. Select “Audio“.
  4. Ensure that both “S/PDIF” and “ARC” are set to “Stereo“.

Fix 4 – Disable Audio Guide

To disable the talking voice, simply press the asterisk (*) button rapidly 4 times.

For some models like the TCL Roku TV, you will need to press the asterisk (*) button once while a video is playing, select “Accessibility” > “Screen Reader“, then toggle the setting to “Off“.

Alternately, you can navigate to the setting using the menus. It’s under “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Audio Guide” or “Screen Reader” > “Off“.

Hopefully, one of these 3 sets of steps fixes your issue with Roku and Disney+ playing narration while trying to watch a video. Please feel free to share your own experience in the comments.

17 thoughts on “Roku: Turn Off Narration in Disney Plus”

  1. The problem seems to be that accessibility and captions>captioning track> there is NO option for english WITHOUT descriptive titles. Audio track is on English and I had to set Captioning Track to español to get rid of the stupid out loud descriptions. Already tried updating, then uninstalling/reinstalling app

  2. This may sound strange but I stopped it by clicking the screen read on. It said, Screen reader enabled and then the narrative stopped.

  3. Oh man I’ve been dying to fix this and goig crazy sonhas my sin and husband my son who’s 3 kept saying the tv was broken cuz it wasn’t working right on Disney lol. Thanks for your share only thing that worked


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