Is There a Roku Web Browser?

The Fire TV has a built-in web browser called Silk. As a Roku user, it made me wonder if there was a Roku web browser available. Does the streaming player support one?

Roku has made it clear that they do not want a web browser on their hardware. Web Browser X used to be an option, but it was removed from the Roku Channel Store. So, I wouldn’t count on there being a Roku web browser at any time in the future.

Web Browser X
Web Browser X used to be available in the Roku Channel Store, but it was removed for violating developer rules.

The only thing you can do is use a workaround where you mirror your browser from another device. You can mirror your screen from Android, iPhone, or a Windows device to the Roku and use the Roku to display the browser screen on your TV. That’s really the only web browsing solution that comes close to using a web browser app on the Roku.

What about Jailbreaking the Roku?

People ask about jailbreaking the Roku a lot. This would allow you to add features like a web browser, but it’s not possible. The software that runs Roku is closed and cannot be modified.

Sorry we couldn’t give you a better answer. :(

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