TCL Roku TV Flashes and Flickers Using PS5

Users of the TCL Roku TV may experience problems where the screen flashes and flickers when trying to use a Sony PS5 connected to it. This is a common problem and can usually be solved by following these steps.

Set HDMI Port to HDMI 2.0

  1. From the Home screen of the Roku TV, press the left arrow to show the menu, then select “Settings” on the left pane.
  2. Choose “TV Inputs“, then press “OK“.
  3. Choose the input port the PS5 is connected to (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Live TV, etc.).
  4. Select “HDMI mode“.
  5. Select “HDMI 2.0“.

Set PS5 Resolution Setting

  1. On the PS5, navigate to “Settings” > “Screen and Video” > “Video Output” > “Resolution“.
  2. Set the Resolution to “2160p – YUV420“.

If you can’t see the options on the screen due to the flickering problem, start your PS5 in Safe Mode using these steps:

  1. Turn the PS5 completely off by pressing and holding the Power button for 3 seconds.
  2. With the PS5 off, press and hold the Power button. Release the Power button after you hear two beeps. This will place the PS5 into Safe Mode.
  3. Connect the controller to the PS5 using a USB cable.
  4. Select “Change Video Output” to access the Resolution setting and set it to “2160p – YUV420“.

If your TV is not a 4K model, try setting the Resolution to 1080i or 1080p.

After performing both sets of steps as outlined, this should stop the PS5 from flickering and flashing on the screen of your TCL Roku TV.

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7 thoughts on “TCL Roku TV Flashes and Flickers Using PS5”

  1. Tried all of this and still have issues. I own a TCL 6114X 55US57-W 55” TV and have done everything from changing PS5 settings to TV settings. About 75% of the time, I get the flickering green and black screen or the white noise screen that flickers on and off. The other times, it works just fine. What up with this? PS5 Works on all my other displays around the house except this one.

    • Can you try a different HDMI port? How about lowering the resolution? Does that make any difference?

      • Hi I’ve tried changing to my 1st and 2nd hdmi port and the screen still flickers and even says that the ps5 has no connection. Is there any way else to fix this?


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